Parallax RFID not reading anymore??????

Sometime ago I started working on the Make Magazine Charlie's Bear for my son. I had to put it on hold while I focused on some projects at work and having another son. Well I'm back at the project and now and having some issues. When i put the project on hold I had the code done and on the Arduino Uno, wave shield, and RFID antenna attached and working. Now I can not get the RFID reader to pickup any tags. I have checked all connects and used sample codes from around the net and I can not get any feedback from the parallax.

any ideas on why it would just stop working?

any ideas on why it would just stop working?

Yes something has changed.

With the information you supplied all we can do is to gaze at our collective crystal balls. If I spot anything I will tell you.

Thanks Grumpy Mark. The code nor the physical setup has changed. That's why the crystal ball is so cloudy

You may think that but in practice something has changed. You have to find out what it is. Often with electronics problems it is the bit that is obvious right where you find the problems.