parallax servo controller


does anyone have any experience in connecting the Parallax Servo Controller (PSC) to work with the Arduino?

i'm new to this microcontroller stuff so please do bear with me.. the PSC seems to have a single bidirectional serial pin. there didn't seem to be specific errors when sending out a firmware version number request from the arduino to the PSC, but since i can't read the response from the PSC i wouldn't know exactly.

specifically, i am sending Serial.println("!SCVER") to Tx pin 1, and am wondering how to connect the Rx pin to the PSC.

links to the PSC:

the reason i'm asking is that i need to connect 32 servos and control them all at the same time, and i wonder if this is a good way to do it. any other alternative suggestions are definitely welcome :)

Don't know how to do what you want to do, just wanted to point out that this 32 channel servo controller board was mentioned a few days ago.