Parallax Transceiver with Arduino. HELP PLEASE

I am currently enrolled in my local Technical College and this is a project I'm currently working on. Since I am a student still learning, I apologize in advance for any lack of knowledge on the subject.

I've assembled a simple driving chassis which works with the Arduino through wired connection. I was given 2 Parallax 433 MHz Transceivers from my instructor and i am having some trouble communicating accross them.

All i would like to do right now is drive the chassis through wireless connection. All I need to Send/Receive is 2 analog Inputs.

I have tried multiple approaches to this over the last couple days and no luck.

I am positive I have wired the transceivers correctly but cant wrap my head around the programming part.

Any help on the matter would be appreciated.

This is the Transceiver I'm using

I have tried multiple approaches to this

…but I’m not going to show you any of them.

I hope you've solved your problem. I know it's a little late but i need to ask: How did yo wire the RF Transceiver to the Arduino (directly or using a shield)?