Parallax TSL230R on clearance...

I had to run by Radio Shack yesterday and out of habit pulled open the drawer with the sensors and noticed that the Parallax TSL230R is on clearance for $1.90-ish. It is a fairly cheap sensor at $5, but for less than two bucks, I think it is well worth picking up.

For anyone who doesn’t know about that sensor, it is a Light to Frequency Converter:(from datasheet)

General Description
The Texas Advanced Optical Systems (TAOS) TSL230R measures light intensity using an array of photodiodes and outputs a square wave whose frequency is proportional to light intensity striking the surface of the chip.
? High-resolution conversion of light intensity to frequency with no external components
? Programmable for three sensitivity levels
? Convenient 8-pin 0.1” DIP package
? 3.3 V or 5 V operation
? Absolute output frequency tolerance of +/- 20%
? Easy to interface directly with microcontrollers
Application Ideas
? Flash detection
? Cloud detection
? Laser beam interruption detector

I just thought someone here might find it useful to have one or two of these.

yea radio shack is clearing out their insanely overpriced parallax crap

you can get rfid kits for like 10 bucks, I got some light to frequency sensors for like a couple bucks or something

hit them up