Paralleling pins to handle more current

The subject says my requirement ...

Have a Nano.

Need to control a DIP relay with Operating Voltage 5V and resistance of 200 Ohm. So i would expect to draw around 25mA to drive it and i don't want to risk one digital pin to do this.

Can i simply wire up the drive to relay using two digital pins and always drive them together ? ( I know i must use a MOSFET or Transistor for this ... but they need to be mounted somewhere with some more resistors and that's a pain. If i can directly drive as i mentioned then wiring becomes real easy. )

Can ? Or Cannot ??

Yes, it is possible but make sure that pins are always at the same state, drive them together. You cannot ensure this with digitalWrite(). You have to use direct port registers and of course, the pins must be on the same port.
However, much better seems to me to use some kind of boost element like standard Arduino's L LED. It uses half of on-board dual OA.

Thanks ...Something like this ?

Use pinMode for setting up DDRB, less likely to make a mistake.
pinMode (2, INPUT_PULLUP);
pinMode (13, OUTPUT);

Pin 13 is PORTB bit 5, yes?

PORTB = PORTB | 0b00100000; //set bit 5 high, leave rest alone

PORTB = PORTB & 0b11011111; //clear bit 5 high, leave rest alone

Do similar for inputs:

if ((PIND & 0b00000100) == 0){ // read port D, check if bit 2 is low
//button pressed to connect pin to Gnd

( Picked that up from a post by CrossRoads )

Yes, exactly like this. Just do it for two or more pins, e.g. PORTB = PORTB | 0b00111000; to set pins 3-5 high at the same moment.

Absolute maximum output current is 40 mA. 25 is well under that. You might not need to double up on pins if the relay really is that low current.