Parallelled 7 segment display showing inverted

First off, what a great forum! I'm new to the arduino, but not to electronics, and have learned so much here already. Secondly, I hope this is the correct sub-forum and that I'm not asking too much for my first post.

I am attempting to build a tabletop scoreboard modeled off of this one -> instructables scoreboard.

I'm sorry, I don't yet have a schematic drawn so I will try to explain the layout as best as I can (pretty much identical to the one in the link if you go look at it).

I'm using a 74HC595 with the outputs to the gates of n-channel mosfets (FQU13N10LTU datasheet) that are sinking 12V power from a PC power supply. I built the 7 segment displays using individual LED's (instead of LED strips as is in the link), as a common anode display. There is +12V to each of the display segments with the cathode of the last LED going to the drain and the source to ground. I can make the display work as intended if I enter the binary codes as though the display is common cathode... this is where it becomes an issue. I am building a control box for the scoreboard and would like to put small 7 segment displays in it so that the scorekeeper can monitor from behind it. I purchased some common anode 7SD's from sparkfun and paralleled the 74hc595 outputs to it. The 2 displays show inverse of each other. If I set the table to be common anode the pre-packaged display illuminates correctly but the large one is opposite, and vise versa if I set it up as common cathode.

I think I understand what is going on, but I honestly have no idea what to do to correct it! Is it as simple as using common cathode small 7SD's?

I hope that I have given enough information without going overboard...

Thank you for any and all advice in advance!

Found a common cathode pre-packaged 7SD and tried it… They both work now.