Does anyone know the price of a presidential pardon?

And do these pardons mean that all the offences are now based on Trumped-down charges ?


Should have saved some of those pardons for himself and his crooked ass family.

based on Trumped-down charges

I don't care which side that you are on, that's funny.

Another "PARDON" but in a different vain.
What is going on in the USA, this morning (Sunday) I was watching USA "Today" from their Saturday edition and saw this!!!


Tom... :slight_smile:

Why... That is counter productive to what you would "NORMALLY" do.
Lets get REAL, COVID KILLS people!!
What would you do to prevent you or your loved one from dying like most COVID cases do?

I'm in Australia and I'm not sure if I'm far enough away from such stupidity.
Must google where on earthed I would be the furthest away from Americuh.

I would advise Canada and Mexico start building their own border walls with the US.

Must look and see if Elon is still taking requests for MARS crew.
Must look and see if NASA is still taking requests for MOON crew.
Must check with Richard Branson and see how much it would cost to at least get me away and above all this stupid carry on for a while. (I might just check while I'm up there if the Earth is STILL round)

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You're telling me. State Governors still can't folks to wear masks 100% of time in public. No wonder COVID death count expected to reach 600,000+. And then there's all the anti-vaxxers that will keep the pandemic going after the rest of us get vaccinated. And you know what it's like trying to play ice hockey with a mask? Damn hard breathe when you're trying to sprint on ice.

Well this afternoon (Sunday) Western Australian Premier has put the capital city of Perth in lockdown because a hotel guard tested positive.

NOTE: One case has been detected... Now that is how to minimise transmission.

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PS. I'm not saying downunder is the model that others should be following, but that is a response that will keep any spread to a minimum.

I don't know where the answer lies but it seems to me Replies #5 and #4 are both towards the extremes of the spectrum.

The action in WA seems to be based on the assumption that this Covid thing can be beaten - it can't, we will just have to learn to live with it, including the likelihood that it causes deaths. After all, we have no problem with deaths and serious injuries by automobile.

The comment in Reply #4 gives me the impression (as do so many other commentators) that if the politicians would be sensible nobody would need to die. IMHO that is completely impractical.

In the UK there is a lot of comment about Covid deaths having exceeding 100,000. But the overall facts are that deaths in England and Wales in 2020 were only 65,580 more than in 2018 and only 8,653 more than in 1976 (Office for National Statistics data). And the month with the highest number of deaths in 2020 was January - long before Covid appeared.

It is very easy for commentators to be critical (and I see enormous shortcomings in Govt actions) but unless those commentators provide an indication of how many deaths could have been prevented their complaints lack impact in my opinion.


The WA response is using data from the rest of the country's similar response to small outbreaks.

Here in Victoria we had over 30day case free, before travelers coming into the country, thorough quarantine, triggered it off.
I think Victoria has now been 16days case free.

I know that the demographics are different and the response will not eradicate Covid, but it will help to minimise deaths and the load on Health and Social Services.

It is second nature to me to put on a mask when going into ANY shop or supermarket.
I went shopping in ALDI today, I would have noticed if any of the 50 or so customers did not have masks on.
Only children and a couple of elderly people could be seen.

Tom... :slight_smile:

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