Parking system

Hello team,

This post is going to be long, so please just engage if you read and make sure you understand everything.

I am attempting to implement a parking system with the following components:

  • 2x Arduino nano
  • 2x Wifi module NRF24L01
  • 1x LCD module ST7735S 1.8 inch
  • 1x Camera module OV7670
  • 1x Ultrasonic module HC-SR04
  • 1x Passive buzzer module KY-006

Please find attached the first schematics. It describes four different parts as I am testing individually each component.
But the main project consists of two parts:


LCD module and buzzer connected to the microcontroller with a wifi module.


Ultrasonic and camera module, also connected to the microcontroller with another wifi module.

Until now, only the buzzer works correctly. The ultrasonic module has not arrived yet.

Those are the issues I have been facing so far:

Wifi communication is not working at all, tried these tutorial:

Cannot even display a message on the serial monitor. I can read the whole Internet to figure it out but I question whether this module is fit for the project.

Those are the future issues I expect to face:

Arduino nano might not be the best choice for microcontroller, ESP32 appears to be more suitable, as it has already wifi embedded and more I/O pins.

I have no idea how to send the image from the camera to the LCD module over wifi or any other wireless technology. I am open to try bluetooth, zigbee or RF should it make my life easier.

I would expand it to have two or three camera modules on the back/sides of the vehicle, this would require a slave - master relation to communicate, where the slaves would be the camera modules on the back of the vehicle, sending information to the master in the cabin displaying the images on the same amount of screen modules.

This is the biggest project I will be doing in 2020, if you have any suggestion or ideas regarding the above mentioned topics please let me know.

Thank you.

First off, nRF24 wireless transceivers are not WiFi.

If you are using nRF24 modules for wireless communication then please re-write your project description correctly. On the other hand if you want to use WiFi I see no role for the nRF24 modules.

Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial

Your post lacks the description of the project. What is it supposed to do and what is the intended way to make it come true. What is provided, what is the Environment, acces to power etc.
Listing a lot of technical devices doesn't tell anything. Put them in a bag, shake the bag and see if anything useful comes out. Helpers can surely come up with hundreds of ideas and suggestions.

Hello team,

I understand that the nRF24 might not be the best option for what I am looking for. What would be the best choice to connect a camera module to a LCD module via wireless? I am prone to try ESP32.

My idea is as simple as is appears, once turned on, it should display the back of the vehicle and emit a sound according to the distance the vehicle has to anything behind it. The closer it gets to an obstacle, the more frequently it beeps.

In the post above you can find all the components I am using and my path so far.

This may look easy but requires a lot of work and there are many variables to cope with.

If there are any suggestions please do not hesitate to add here, I am already too pessimistic to believe that this would work out, but still insisting because it is something I never saw been done.

Have you considered an ESP-32 CAM. It can transmit images using WiFi to any device that can receive WiFi - for example a phone or a tablet. And they are very cheap.