Parking using Arduino uno ( first project)

Hi :slight_smile:

I am a high school student,16, and I adore what we can make with Arduino !

I ve decided to create a smart parking( a miniature): sensors (not capteur sorry ), motor(which type), 7 segment display to count available places and an arduino uno to get it all working

But I don't have a clear way to do it... only stuck in my ideas...

Any help please ? or a similar project ?

thanks all !

What are "captors"?
What are you trying to make - a smart parking lot or a smart parking vehicle?

Or a smart parking meter?


sorry, my mistake, I meant sensor :blush:

just like this one, Arduino Parking Lot Attendant | Hackaday, but with a sensor, that detects the vehicle presence in order to open the barrier

I know, it's not even clear in my mind, just wanted something to start with

Thanks all !

Are you making something for toy cars or real ones? The hackaday link you posted explains how the sensor is made that they detect the toy cars with. For real cars it will be more difficult to safely and securely detect cars.

Just toy cars, I m only a beginner

can i replace them with a 'proximity sensor ?

Thank you,