Parola and string Array issue from serial data

Hi guys, please I’m working on a display project using arduino mega and parola. I want the user to send text, number scrolling times, entry effect, exit effect, speed and pause duration to it. I created a 6 arrays that stores all of these. Whenever a user sends something like: hello~20~PA_SCROLL_UP~PA_SCROLL_DOWN~2~1~1. I formatted it like this [Text~speed~entry effect~exit effect~Number of scrolling times~speed~array index]. Array index is the array number of the text while display. Everything is working fine except the character array that I used which I declared as pointer(char *text). When I hardcoded it and put something into the array like this:
char *msg[5] =
“Welcome to our word!”,
“Good people”,
“Great work from Marco”,
“Brilliant Ideas”
It display very well on the parola display and if I send a few character to it(like less than 50 xters) but the problem will start when I send something higher than that 50 xters. If that higher xters is sent Serial monitor too will not print well. I will attach my code below here. Please guys help me to review my code, I think the problem is from my char array as other arrays are giving me correct values everytime. Thanks for your time.

mega scrolling display.txt (8.49 KB)

What is "parola"?

What is an "xter"?


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