Parola sprite in a existing sketch

Is there a way to implement a parola sprite ‘pacman’ to an existing esp ticker sketch. I can’t find any topics anywere about how to do this. My esp ticker is working fine, but i want to intergrate a pacman in a certain moment. My esp ticker is a news and weather ticker, it also can project own written sentences thrue a web interface. any help would be appreciated. Thx
esp8266 and a mx7219 led dot hardware
( for the code

You can run any animation at any time. The basic example to look at is Parola_Sprites_Simple.ino.

You need to tell the library what sprite to show and then run the animation as PA_SPRITE. This is the same as any other animation except that the data needs to be set (once only in setup() if the sprite never changes) before the animation starts.

It works, i got the pacman and the ghost racing on my matrix , how to get the speed down? I tried to work with the numbers but i can't get the speed down..
P.displayText(msg, PA_CENTER, P.getSpeed(), 1000, PA_SPRITE, PA_SPRITE);
P.setSpriteData(pacman1, W_PMAN1, F_PMAN1, pacman2, W_PMAN2, F_PMAN2);


Set the speed to something rather than using the existing setting? A higher number is slower speed.

Hi @tolletje223
See if it helps:

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