Parola V3

Version 3 of my attempt. I’m so sorry to keep bugging on here. I’ve looked at the Parola software and added the “USE_PAROLA_HW 0” and taken out the _USE_FONT_ADJUST but it hasn’t made any difference. I’ve rotated the matrix and the text is still coming from top to bottom and is mirrored. What am I doing wrong?
Apart from buying cheap matrix… ARRRRGGGGHHH

is my latest attempt with the included sketch.
Thank you for looking

Parola_Scrolling.ino (4.28 KB)

Maybe you should post this question in the "Scrolling LED matrix display - Parola for Arduino" thread here rather than start a new thread? :D

Are you sure that the USE_HARDWARE switch is set correctly in the Parola header file? This is what you would see when it is set to use the Parola hardware.

Oops didn’t mean to start a new thread. I think I’m just gonna leave it for now and try something else. Come back to it when I understand forums and LEDs a bit more. Sorry for getting it wrong guys and thanks again for your patience

Just wanted to drop a line and say a huge thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Didn't realise that I had to change the code in the MD_Parola.h and MAX72xx.h files. I was reading them as just text and instruction files. The display is working amazingly now and I can't wait to see how far I can take this. You guys are amazing . Thank you :) :) :) XD XD XD