Parse serial data

I receive a string(A) from an Xbee radio. I need to find a given string(B) within this string, extract data(C) and write to an LCD.

The received string(A) is: 7E0DA1013A20405635D45EBE00EE7E02A8814E4405EBE013A20405635D445434F5452454E442D4E4F4445310FFFE10C15101E0300A7

The string to find(B) is: 7E02A88

The data to extract(C) is: 013A20405635D4

Any ideas as to how I can parse this data?

Is the first string you are looking for in a known position, or does it move around? Is the data to extract a fixed distance from the end of the first string? At a fixed position?

How are you storing the data that you show? What is that mess? Surely, there is some more human-meaningful way to present it.