parsing a midi file


i'm just getting started with arduino... my first project will be a device that reads midi files from flash & outputs midi data to a synthesizer. i've found code examples for generating midi data, but i would like to write my midi on a computer, and then load it onto the arduino for playback as a midi file... just a simple, minimal device.
if anyone has any advice or can point me in the right direction, or just wants to write this software for me :wink: let me know.

Before parsing the MIDI files you need to setup the basic elements:

After getting all this running, you can start parsing the MIDI file. Then you must also have a time base ( a clock ) to output the MIDI data with correct timing. This is a sequencer.

Every part of this can be found by searching. A lot on this site and much more on the larger internet. But I think you really must divide up your project into these phases. Even the pro's do that, but then they can run all phases in parallel.

You may want to consider avoiding all of the low level nonsense when working with SD cards and just use our product: uMMC Serial Data Module.

It works great with the Arduino. I've written a library so that it's really easy to interface to it.

Check it out. There are a bunch of examples in the library, and if you need any help with using it, let me know.


P.S. You can get the uMMC from or from one of our other distributors.