Parsing BLE scan data

I am attempting to parse BLE data received from a BLE scan. The data I receive from the BLE scan device is:

> !  # RSSI BD_ADDR           Device Name

#  1  -45 d0:cf:5e:fc:00:93 ECO-3611

#  2  -91 68:27:37:08:de:37 ???

I need to extract the following: d0:cf:5e:fc:00:93 ECO- 3611 from the above received data. I can do this no problem using Arduino Strings, but I would like to do away with String. I have successfully used: strtok strcpy to parse GPS data that is comma delimited. But am stumped as to how to extract the BLE data as it is not comma delimited. Please could someone point me in the right direction?

So it isn't comma separated, but it is whitespace separated. So just use strtok with whatever whitespace (space, tab, both) as the delimiter. The ECO-3611 bit can then be split by first checking for a prefix match using strncmp and then adding 4 to the pointer to get the suffix.