Parsing CAN data

I'm using an UNO along with a Seeed CAN shield to read a single node on the CAN bus.
Looking at an encoder and 4 switches that display as a 15 number field that
changes as I exercise the hardware. The numbers are consecutive with no breaks.
Not using Serial.print to the monitor, but rather to 4x20 LCD display.
Question: looking for a technique of breaking the character string out at the points where
I can display the encoder count only on the LCD. Also the switch data independently to echo their operation to the display. This is a text fixture for validating an interface board that has the hardware connected to it and outputs a CAN string to be interpreted by the main system. Looking at masking or comparing the data
to desired value to get a pass/fail along with the displayed value.

Your post has fallen to the second page with zero replies. Usually that means most of the gurus have seen it and thought "I don't have anything useful to say about this."

You didn't post any code.

Your problem description has very little actual information. What is the string you are receiving (please copy-paste) and what did you want to extract out of it?

It seems like you're actually quite advanced compared to most questions here. Usually once someone gets that far into a project, they've got a good idea how to finish it. But you didn't describe what you've attempted so far.

"the hardware" and "the encoder" might make sense to you but we can't see your project. You need to describe it better.