Parsing data to 8x8 LED Matrix w/ 4 TLC5940's

Hi, I am trying to send data to an 8x8 led matrix using 4 Tlc5940 chips. My setup is here:

I connected the other 2 tlc chips the same way the second chip on the diagram is connected to the first. I uploaded the tlc5940 library and tested the Fades example, but it is difficult to understand. Can any one help me send data to my 8x8 matrix? This is my first time using the tlc5940 chips.

You need to add supply decoupling capacitors to the supply lines on each chip. A value of 0.1uF should be fine. You should also have a larger capacitor, say 220uF across the supply for the LEDs.

Next post your code or a link to it, say what you see and say what you are expecting to see.