Parsing GPGGA

Im trying to modify the GPS parse from Ladyada's site to parse GPGGA instead of GPRMC. I know the NMEA strings are different and Im trying to get the Altitude mainly from the string. Now maybe theres an easier way than to modify this code,and the main reason for me doing this is because I need to make use of the New Soft Serial Library. The GPS unit Im working with is a Locosys 20031. Also for some odd reason I cant get TinyGPS library to read the data from the locosys either. Any finger in the right direction would be appreciated lol.

Thanks in advance.

Do you have a sample of GPGGA output? And an URL to the locosys - whats in a name :) - 20031 ?



is what the string looks like. What I initially tried to do is after ever "," put the data into its own string and then output that to the serial but that didnt turn out so well or at all really.

The locosys is here

pretty basic unit that outputs a GPS string over serial at 38400 or 57600.