Part And Code Requirement for Transmiting SSTV?

Hello There again! Since the last topic, I learn about SSTV but I still have no idea what part or module requires in order to make SSTV am looking at CC1101 Module 433MHz but still hasn’t found any code who that work with SSTV that convert picture (Command->picture->SD card → SSTV) to code in arduino. And As I look at the CC1101 Module I wasn’t sure that I could be like a walkie talkie
(covert picture inside the Arduino not external we can’t access it in space or some external place)

Question Is
1.CC1101 Can be SSTV?
(Optional) 1.1 Do you have code for convert pictures as I describe?
2.As Walkie Talkie Could it be by not switch the wire (re-solder it) Since I have to simulate the Space but Not much just try to minimal Mainternain (Not resolder)
(Optional) 2.2 Do you have code or some source where I could find it?
3.Any Code for Using CC1101 to use as Microphone for Mmsstv?

For Distace first prototype is nearly not more than 5M

Try a Google search on;

‘Arduino ssdv’

Lots of stuff out there.

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thank you!

And here is a discussion of some of the issues;

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In my case I only found only 2M Pixel Camera Module,So what do I need to change.I’ve read in the forum in that link but still confuse?

Arduino/ArduCAM at master · ArduCAM/Arduino · GitHub
It is the same code for OV5640_regs.h? But what if I change To 2640,Do I only need to change #include

No idea, not my field.

It would be far easier to start with hardware for which there is a published example and when thats working, try different hardware.

Yeah, That the problem. I don’t see many shops sell something that I wanted.

Eh. Could I just crystal oscillator instead of adjustable one?

I have not read the OV5640 datasheet.

But oscillator used in the transmitter isn’t it?

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