Part Suggestion. Latching 24VRMS solid state relay.

I would like to switch a AC 24VRMS signal (a thermostat) with a digital device GPIO, an Arduino.
I'd like to do this on a battery supply. So I'd like to not have to keep the relay powered.

Ideally I want to turn on once every hour, check if it's time to turn on/off thermo, then put the arduino back into sleep mode.

I'm having trouble finding a solid state latching relay in which I could do this.
I don't have a whole lot of relay experience.
Maybe I'm looking for the wrong part or I am thinking about this incorrectly.

Digikey link or other suggestion much appreciated.


I’ve never heard of a solid state latching relay, only mechanical ones. Pulse coil in direction for COM to NO, pulse the other direction for COM to NC.
You can find both single coil and double coil latching relays. Single coil needs an H-bridge to drive both directions, double coil just needs 2 transistors.
These are lower current, <2A thru the contacts
[](http://“ relay”)
These are higher current, >2A thru the contacts
[](http://“ relay”)

Thanks. I found a couple Latching, Dual Coils which I'm going to play around with.
I appreciate the help!