Partial response of LCD screen with arduino

I am trying my hands on LCD screens. So I chose this 1.8-inch TFT LCD screen and tested the same with the TM4c123gxl board using an ST7735 library (adapted from Adafruit) and the screen works perfectly as expected. (Code of the same).

So for some other project, I plan to use the same screen but with Arduino UNO. So I connected the same and tried to test the graphicstest example packaged with Adafruit library, but unfortunately, it's not working as expected as you can see in the 3.

I have checked the SPI lines with a logic sniffer and they seem to work as expected. And this cannot be noise because it been repeatedly programmed and the behavior is exactly the same as in the video.

What I am able to conclude is probably I am missing something with configuration but I have compared the Tiva and Arduino library file and they both seem to configure the LCD with identical values.

So any direction would be of great help since I am out of ideas.

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