Partner needed on complicated project - a robot roofer


I'm a first time poster on these forums. I'm a software engineer that first heard of arduino 8 months ago and fell in love. Since, I've been designing a robot roofer. After many months of design and tinkering, my basement is filled with a hodge podge of components (motors, actuators, sensors) and a wireless application I programmed on my phone to control the machine. It's coming along nicely, but way too slowly

Looking for a partner
I am looking for a partner to help me complete the prototype. I have the skills to do it, the problem is time. I'd love to find an innovative and hard working engineer to "get er done".

For compensation, I am open to either
a. equity in the company (RoboNail)
b. paying cash per component (e.g. $x for building the nailer peel bar and roller system in the ShingleBot, $y for the nail actuators, etc)
c. combination of equity/pay

Ideal Person
The ideal person will have:

  • Bachelor (prefer masters) in Electrical or Mechanical engineering
  • Experience and access to basic machining (drill press, chop saw, CNC would be a huge plus)
  • Experience prototyping
  • Close proximity to Cleveland, OH a big plus. (this is a 4' wide machine weighing over 200 lbs that is hard to ship)
  • A passion for robotics (implied by the fact you found this post on the arduino forum :wink:

Quick Info:
Here is a quick elevator pitch (less than 2 minutes) to give an overview of what I'm trying to accomplish:

Lengthy Info:
For a more detailed video of the mechanical components, please see this:

Even more lengthy info (optional)
Last, the provisional patent I filed gives a little more details into the operation:

Contact me
If you have interest, please message me with a brief background on experience and credentials, location, desired compensation, side projects you've completed, etc