Parts and Tools Needed for Project and Approx of Cost - Quadcopter


I'm new to Arduino development. I'm an electronic student , and i'm planning to build a surveillance Quadcopter ,for my final Year project. But i don't know where to start !!!!!!? :disappointed_relieved:

Can someone please guide me through the steps that i should go through ??

Moreover ,i found that it cost between $200 to $500+ to build a Quadcopter , is there a cheaper way or any affordable online store where can buy parts ??


For such a wide ranging question you are better off using Google. If you have specific questions then forum members are usually more than happy to help.

Post the same question to the DIY Drones forum.

The APM 2.5 etc is an Arduino based FMU (custom board).

Or look on, they are one source of these sort of parts.