Parts for a UPS for a 5v device?

I want to make an uninterruptible power supply to work as a backup in case of power outage for BeagleBone Black, which will consume about a maximum of 1A (or slightly more) at 5V. I have a 3.7v lipo battery with protection circuit, a charger [1], and 1A lipo-to-5v DC booster. I wonder what other parts will I most likely need for this? A diode? P-channel mosfet?

[1] -

in case of power outage for BeagleBone Black,

Had you not noticed this is an Arduino forum?

Maybe something like this.

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Riva: Maybe something like this.

Yes, probably something like this. I saw it before, but I want to make my own or at least find out a bit how it works.

Here's its big picture:

That A6K part to the left is a pnp transistor? Looks like it doesn't handle much current? So what does it do here?

And what is that part a bit to the right named "KDY3"? And what it's for?

The rest interesting stuff as I see it is a charging IC and a booster.

A6K is a transistor for driving the LED. KDY3 is the LIPO charger chip. You will find all the details and the schematics on the Adafruit site.