Parts I need get rid of

Got a few parts here that I;m not going to use any time soon…
Heres the list:

8x 3000K-ND (digikey part number) coin 12mm dia smd battery holder

10x 3001K-ND (digikey part number) coin 12mm dia thm battery holder (through hole)

9x 535-9034-ND (digikey part number) crystal 32.768KHZ 12.5PF (through hole)

4x DS1307 (Bought off ebay) markings are DS1307 +0902A6 322A4
8 pin dip (through hole)

5x TLC5940NT (through hole)

1x MAX7219 (through hole)

100 ultra bright non diffused blue leds 5mm dia (with 50 220 ohm 1/2W resistors)
(got off ebay)

9x 8 pin dip sockets

1x 20x4 LCD HD7780 w/ male header pins soldered
1x 16x2 LCD HD7780 w/ male header pins soldered

PM me if interested :wink:

Right, I’ll express an interest in a DS1307 or two and maybe an LCD and some LEDs.

I’ll PM you…

Also interested in the LCD’s and maybe the coin cell holder and LED’s. I will PM you :).

I might like some DIP sockets to go with the DS1307s too :slight_smile:

Domestic shipping looks like 4.95
International is 13.45
priority flat rate envelope or box.
Canada is 11.45.

Interest dropped due to shipping over here.

I have to drop out also. I am not really interested in the most expensive parts in your list (the IC’s) and combined with the shipping costs it’s not interesting for me.

Good luck with selling your parts, maybe you can try eBay?

No buggy fellas. It’s extra i’ve got layin around. I’d do a great deal on all of it for 40.00 + shipping… If anyone is interested pm me. Thought of try on here before eBay :wink: