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i am new to all this. pulling apart some stuff and scavanging parts to learn some stuff about the arduino, not sure what i could use them for tho. I pulled 2 bimos drivers out and was wondering if i could use them for led matrix or stepper motor driver.

also have a dac

don't know much about ic in general, it is what i need to learn the most. if anybody could point me in the right direction it would be great. thanks Ryan

The UCN5821 looks like a combination of the popular 595 (serial to parallel converter) and something like a ULN2803 (high current darlington driver.) Nice chip, probably pretty useful for either small to mid-sized steppers or LED arrays on the cathodes (note: sinks current only, which means it goes in between your load device and GND...)

The DAC probably isn't very useful. It'll use a lot of pins to essentially get you behavior similar to that provided by the PWM outputs already.

ive been looking around the web and it looks like i can use the ucn5821 to drive the little stepper motor i have. im just trying to figure out how to interface it with the arduino threw serial. whats the full part # for the 595 so i can look up some info about it. when you say it sink current, you mean i would provide voltage straight to a led anode and the chip would connect it to ground to complete the circuit? Seems an odd way to do it, i guess that would mean it could not take much in the way or current?

sorry. The 595 is one of several 74xxx595 “standard logic” chips. You should be able to find a datasheet by searching for “74hc595.” I believe that the “shiftout” function mentioned in various places here is designed to write to 595-like chips, and will probably work with your UCN5821 as well. A similar scheme is used as the basis (“physical layer” if you will) for somewhat more complex protocols like “spi” and “i2c”, so it’s both common and quite general purpose.