Parts selection for a prototype board

I'm working on a prototype board that will monitor a few sensors. It's just a fun hobby project so I was thinking a clean design might be a switching power supply, micro and maybe three sensors all using the same bus. Just the two i2C lines could out and three sensors could all be side by side. My coding is not the best so i'm looking for parts that have a fair amount of example code to help me get each part working. My components so far are: Temperature: TMP75 Possibly a LM75A or a TMP102 Accelerometer: ADXL345 Real Time Clock: DS1307 sounds like the best one to go with.


Hi, I'd suggest you also look at the DS18B20 type 1-wire digital temperature sensors.


Some RTC info: has a "breakout board" for that accelerometer, I think...

Real Time Clock: DS1307 sounds like the best one to go with.

Some people will be groaning 'here we go again' but DS1307 can be a bit hit and miss accuracy wise. I have one of these and it looses 6.5 seconds per day. I also have DS3231 and that is good to 2 seconds per month. Depends on what you want it for and if you happy with the accuracy. A bonus with the DS3231 is the on chip temperature measurement but it does not have spare memory like the DS1307