Passing array to function

I am trying to make an LCD menu for a project, and I am having trouble passing data to a function. I want to pass an array of strings to a function, but it gives me an error:

expected primary-expression before "}" token

My code to call the function is:

menu({"item 1","item 2"...})

Should I be declaring the array and then passing it to the function? Thanks for any help :)

Post your code, you've got some syntax problem that needs resolving. Probably a missing ; or a misplaced )]} or something like that. I don't bother "passing" stuff around, I just declare it globally and let whatever needs to act on it, act on it. The software engineers probably frown on that. To each his own...

I fixed the problem. I have to declare the array to pass a pointer to a function, so I did that elsewhere in my sketch.