Passing variable in ESP to Arduino Serial Monitor

Hi guys I hope someone can help me with this.

I have a webserver and I have a field box where I am inputting some information.

I need to be able to output that information I am inputting in the serial monitor of the arduino.

This is how I have setup my form in the header file



I know I can access the variable using this

_name = server->arg(“na”).c_str();

so my data should be saved in _name, and I do this in my cpp file

I need to get that “name” in the Arduino serial monitor

I tried to create a function to be able to access it from my Arduino IDE like set/get functions inside a class, but I guess it did not work.

Do you guys have any suggestions or know how to do it ?

I am attaching both the .cpp and the .h files that I have been modifying.

If you have any ideas or suggestions I am open to them

WiFiManager.cpp (20.8 KB)

WiFiManager.h (9.11 KB)