Passive buzzer Simon says


for a school project I am making a game: Simon Says.
I am using an Arduino Nano board with a breadboard. I have 4 buttons with 4 lights. to play the game you need to push the right button, which the light shows.
I want to add a buzzer to the game, so that when you click on the wrong button, a buzzer will go off.

can someone help me where do I place the passive buzzer on the board? and what code do I need to use?

Connect the passive buzzer to a spare digital pin and use the Tone library to generate the tone

hi, thanks for your answer. I added my circuit. I read that the negative pin needs to be connected to the ground and the positive to a pin. where do you think it is fitting?

A passive buzzer will probably not have a positive and negative pin but if it does then connect the negative pin to GND in your circuit and connect positive to any spare digital pin on the Arduino

thanks for your time. it is working!

That’s good

Don’t wear out the buttons playing with it :slight_smile:

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