Password lock with servos

Hello, I'd like to make a password lock with arduino and servos. The idea is to fasten a metal circle onto the door and a hook to the servo so the servo hooks into the circle and when you typed the correct password the servo will unhook. I'd like to use a numpad with the letters ABCD and a lcd screen. The LCD screen has to start up after pushing a button (to save energy). I'd like to end the password with * and use the hashtag to reset the password (after pressing long). The LCD has to show "Enter code" and "Acces granted" or "Acces denied". When the acces is denied a red led has to glow. When the acces is granted a orange led has to glow and when the servos are done with unlocking a green led has to glow. When you close the door again, the door will push against a limit switch wich has to take care of the servos locking the door again after 3 seconds. When that is done the whole thing has to shut down itself after another 3 second and say "Goodbye" (LCD) I have no experience with arduino or programming. And i know i begin with a difficult project but i'd like to lock my desk to prevent other people will take things away! :p And to be honest i have not the will to learn every programming word. :p So i hope someone will learn me the basics. And maybe...i said maybe...if there is someone who really want to make this code for me i will be very happy and I will be eternally grateful to you. :D