Password problems afer 'reset-to-factory-anyway'


As anyone reading this forum might have guessed I am nearly at the end of my teather with this Yun, and frankly its only deep breathing exercises that are stopping typeing a tarade of bad language.

Anyway after alot of effort and strange behaviour of my yun.
Somethings it would allow me to access the yun webpanel, sometimes it wouldn't. Sometimes it would log on to my network fine and othertime it wouldn't . It seems to have a strange fixation for the ip addrerss A whole tonne of strange and stranger behavior, making impossible to replicate any meaningful error, no my part of the Yun.

I decided to do a second 'reset-to-factory-anyway'. That gave me back control of the Yun, and I managed to log in to the wepanel, set it up on my network, and all was well. I decided to upload a blink sketch as a test and all was well until it asked me for the password. Which it seemed to have forgotten. I must have made an error and given it a wrong pass word by mistake, and having entered it incorrectly twice it must have accpeted it... Oh well lets reset the Wi-fi and try again... Nope.. it will still refuse the pass word. OK lets do ANOTHER reset-to-factory-anyway. And again. it is refusing the password. not even 'arduino' is letting me in.

Well then I am flumuxed... what now?


I've just tried yet another reset-to-factory.

and I know I have executted the command becasue the blue led for wlan flashes away until I reboot the bloody thing.

Then I power up. It becomes an access point with an IP address of, I use my brower to connect to it. enter and get a 'bad gateway!'

For the love of god will someone tell me what is going on.....

You can change the password by loading YunSerialTerminal over USB and using passwd

root@Arduino:/# passwd
Changing password for root
New password: 
Bad password: too weak
Retype password: 
Password for root changed by root

you can ignore the too weak warning it isn't enforced

The Yun is getting it's IP from the DHCP server on your router if it keeps getting it is because your router keeps giving it.

I have seen threads of people with strange problems which were traced to "non-standard" behavior of their router, can you try using another router?


Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I can actually try a few experiments in a different environment and that by default means a different router.

So I’ll try that and see what happens.

Thanks for the tip to force a new password. I’ll try that. But VERY strange that resetting the Yun cause’s password probelms.




Well I tried using a different location and thus a different router and the strangeness continued.

When I left home the Yun was allowing me log on to its AP mode, but still giving me a 'bad gateway' when I tried to access

When I arrived at my mothers I tried it again. I was able to log on to the AP directly from my laptop, and I got the web panel access, but it was still messed up with the password. I then tried another reset-to-factory-anyway thinking I was on a roll, and then was back to it behaving as a AP and 'bad gateway' when I tried to access the web panel.

I then ran the Yunseialterminal sketch and accessed failsafe mode I noticed that the command prompt for the command line was 'root@(none)' and not 'root@Arduino' as someone has suggested it might be.

Also right now I am loosing confidence in the procedure for resetting the Arduino back to factory.

If I log on the the Yun in AP mode and examine the connection status I noticed that the IP address is listed as
If try the web panel I get 'bad gateway'. If I leave thing along for long enough the IDE port selection finds the Yun and lists it as '7thYun'. Now the interesting thing being I called the Yun 7thYun as it identifier when I did have access to the web panel. If I was able to truly reset the Yun then that should have disappeared.

So that makes me think I am not even able to reset the Yun correctly even is I go in to fail safe mode and enter 'reset-to-factory-anyway' I have read a few texts about how to execute that command and one of them says simply enter safe mode and enter 'reset-to-factory-anyway' and another says: enter fail safe mode, enter 'cd /user/bin' and enter './reset-to-factory-anyway'.

Which one is right I am not sure any more and I doubt either is working.

I have taken a copy of the text on the Yun serial terminal and hope to attach it to the bottom of this message in case it helps:-

At the moment I am thinking that the Yun is messed up in a way I can not understand and will start researching how to re install the whole operating system on the Yun

Any thoughts will be appreciated.



Because of a word count limit this is the output of the Yunserialterminal during bootup

See attachment


yunserialterminal.txt (12.4 KB)

[ 32.600000] SQUASHFS error: xz_dec_run error, data probably corrupt
is not good, try, since you are having wifi troubles use the Upgrading Using the Terminal part. This can be done from the YunSerialTerminal instead of over ssh.

Hi Noblepepper,

Well I popped along to a Hackspace and someone there was able to give me some assistance.

We (he) restored the image which we downloaded from the arduino website. I am not entirely sure how he did it, as we could not access the webpanel and he ssh'ed into it somehow, without a pass word. I know he was having trouble mounting the sd card in terminal, so how it was done I don't know.

Thankfully it appears to be restored, and I will see how it progresses.

There is some syntax learning to be done on my part.

But thanks for the help.