password to menu

how can i merge the two together, i would like to change password via menu in lcd,
im using

menu code
LCDAdvancedNav.ino Created by Niesteszeck

Password password = Password( "1234" );

thats where it holds the password

password code

setString = ?????

need to get string from Password password = Password( "1234" );

any ideas

thats where it holds the password

The string literal is at some undefined location in memory that you can't get a handle on. That is a poor way to define the password.

char enterPass[] = "5678";

Password pass = Password(enterPass);

would be much better. That way, you can change the value in enterPass, and have a new password.

Of course, you'd probably actually want to read the values from EEPROM, and write the changed password there, too.

incompatible types in assignment of 'String' to 'char [5]'

can i do it as string ??

can i do it as string ??

Of course. What you don't seem to be able to do is to "do it" using a String. So, quit wasting your time trying.

if (setMenu == DATETIME) {
if (setString[cursorPosition] > 48 && setString[cursorPosition] < 58)
lcd.setCursor(cursorPosition, 1);

how can i change this to char

how can i change this to char

How can you change WHAT to char?