patch antenna circuit for nodemcu/esp8266

I am looking for wiring patch antena circuit for Esp8266. Can someone recommend me circuit.

I have planned to build an additinal PCB board. where i can give provision for patch antenna.

antena might be used as per above link.

kindly suggest me circuit to extend range of the nodemcu/Esp8266 unit.

Why are you saying patch antenna and providing links to colinear antennas?

For external microwave antennas like this you need 50 ohm coax (high quality), with suitable connectors (good to 2.4GHz, obviously). To run a 50 ohm signal on a PCB you need to use 50 ohm microstrip. You'll find microstrip calculators on the web, you need to know the PCB substrate material (normally FR4) and thickness to calculate the microstrip geometry.

Some chips need an antenna matching section as the RF output/inputs aren't 50 ohm. Check the datasheet for guides to this, for the ESP8266 it points to