patched ethernet library still interferes

I patched my ethernet library as described on the bottom part of this page:
and added the connection from pin 8 to the SPI enable signal on the ethernet shield.
But the library still seems to interfere with my RFM12 am transciever.

I’ve tracked the problam so far down, that it occurs as ssoon as the first line from the Ethernet.begin(…) is executed:


However what’s confusing me is, that the RFM12 transciever still works halfway. I can still switch the transmitter on and off over SPI and the interrupt routine still triggers. but the recieved data seems to only be garbage.

Also this seems to be a problem with the library and not directly with the wiznet chip. The problem also occurs when i initialise the ethernet library without the ethernet shield connected.

Has anybody a suggestion on how i could fix the library?

My connections are as follows:
Pin 2 RFM12 Interrupt
Pin 7 RFM12_SlaveSelect
Pin 8 Ethernet_SlaveSelect
Pin 10 pulled low when the rfm12 library uses the SPI, since the spi won’t work otherwise
Pin 11,12,13 shared SPI between the ethernet shield and the RFM12.


I figured the problem out. The wiznet chip uses 4 mhz as a clock rate for the SPI, while the RFM12 maximum rate is 2.5 mhz. The ethernet library reset the frequency with every call, the rfm12 library didn't. For now i just set the frequency in ever SPI treansaction instead of just during the initialization.