path to output files should be configurable...

The system I'm working on uses an Arduino board and I do the development with the IDE; however, I need to be able to provide users with a copy of the .hex file. I know I can run Upload in verbose mode and get the TEMP location; however, it would be nice if I could set this location in preferences.txt.

I asked this in a different thread, and got no answer so I assume there's no way to do it...

It sure would be nice if I could specify the directory into which the IDE puts all the output files (or at least some of them, particularly the .hex file).

My problem gets worse... This weekend I was able to figure out how to do the equivalent of an Upload from outside of the Arduino IDE because I enabled verbose output using the SHIFT key when I clicked on the UPLOAD button. That just luckily gave me what I needed to know because I was using an essentially empty application (setup() and loop() were minimal), and the output of avrdude didn't cause the scrollable output (bottom window of IDE) to be maxed out.

Now, I'm using my real app, and I can't even look back at the trace to figure out what buildXXXXXXXXXXX directory to get the .hex file out of. Is there some way to get around this? Thanks in advance...

You could clean out the temp directory, and then build. There will only be one buildXXX directory in the temp folder, then.

From there, you can probably figure out which one you need to look in.

That's essentially what I do now, but it would be much more convenient if I could just set the directory up in my preferences.txt file. Thanks,

Ed, you, I, and several others would dearly LOVE to to be able to set the path. What I do is copy the temp folder over to an Applet folder under the sketch like it used to be. That allows me to keep all the files, problem comes in when I compile a couple of different sketches before copying. 2nd Sketch will overwrite 1 st Sketch - not good.

Seems so simple to have, but I KNOW I do not have the knowledge to know for sure.

Ken H>