Payed Arduino work London

Hi I am a product designer based in central london. I need an Arduino wiz kid to help me, get the concept working. happy to come to you, will pay cash name your price. please email me at Thanks

Will Drake

Perhaps you need an engineer instead, with broader hardware experience to help you flesh out your idea. What project do you have in mind?

happy to come to you

I'm in Australia, is the air fare in your budget :)


Sigh, I dont want to be rude, but I do this quite a bit...


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I assume England, but I dont want to make an ass out of you, nor do I want to throw a dart


People who live in The London don't need to add any further qualification.

Just in the same way as our stamps are the only ones in the world that do not say what country they are from.

well its quite obvious, they are the only ones with Elton John on them

What sort of concept are you thinking of?

More so, what does it require? Just an arduino?