Paying 20$ for "simple code"


Is there anybody that can do some code for me? I can pay VIA PayPal.

What I need.

1 Nano 1 Switch 1 Buzzer/LED

I would like it so when you apply power to the nano nothing happends, but when you press the button once the buzzer beeps, and LED lights up for about 500ms or 1 second and one output is turned on for 1 second, off for 5 seconds, and back on and so on. When you press the button again the buzzer and led beeps twice and the output is turned on for one second, but off for 10 seconds. I would like this to repeat 5 times, so the last mode is 25 seconds between outputs are on. When you press one more time the buzzer gives a longer beep for about 2 seconds and the output is off. When you press again the cycle starts over again.

Anybody up for this task? :)

Sure, add me on skype: mike19058.