Paying 500 us dollars for a sonar measuring tape.

Hi, im from the netherlands. And looking for somebody how can make a sonar measuring tape for me. For in the rang of 500 +- us dollars. The reason im not doing this my self, because i dont have an knowledge with arduino and electronics. Maybe its and nice project for somebody on the side, if so please let me know.

Here i will explain what i think is needed to build. something similiar to these products.

but then only much smaller, and is need a wireless readout of the distance.

things that are important for me:

-small form factor. - needs to be powerd by 12v

i can but the system itself in to a small cage. for daily use. i you have any questions please contact me! thanks!

this was done often times with arduino and it's quite simple, what is not clear is, if made wireless, how will it interact with cameras? or you want it just to show distance on a phone?

@blimpyway. i needs something like this:

it needs to work on radio freq and not wifi or bluthooth, that is just to weak of a signal.

As always, the devil is in the details.

That product retails for $6,800. You should assume that it cost at least that much to design and build the first unit. In reality it was far more. Also realize that you have a known target to shoot for and the engineers who designed that product did not, at least not in the beginning until the requirements were clear.

My recommendation to people trying to emulate an off-the-shelf device is that it's generally cheaper to just buy it.

Now, if you want to make a version with far fewer features, it may (emphasis "may") be reasonable at that price, but considering that $500 is roughly a half-day's worth of work for an experienced engineer, I have my doubts. You could easily burn up that much time just finding an appropriate sensor.

hi cedar lake instrument Flashy there is of course some truth in what you say . Only if you for instance look at the product of redrock micro , their price tag is 600, - us dollars . So there is a big difference in both products that seemingly do the same … I myself think that the cinetape is a fairly simple product … that is very expensive for what it is . And for the rest , everyone is free to think for them selves to help me or not.

but considering that $500 is roughly a half-day’s worth of work for an experienced engineer, I have my doubts. You could easily burn up that much time just finding an appropriate sensor.

and this maybe is true for you… but other people will think differently…

Oh, absolutely. People's approach will vary quite a lot, I like to inject a dose of reality into the proceedings so people know what they're getting into.

I'm willing to say that most Arduino projects don't need professional approach. However, when I see someone wanting to "make something like" a $6,000 product for $500, a healthy dose of caution is a good thing. It smacks too much of the "I need a website that's like Facebook, but I can only pay $1,500 for it" requests that areall over the internet.

I always wanted to blog about this subject, so I wrote something here:

I will probably expand on it in later weeks.

Here's a link to my 180 degree 2D sonar measuring tape: Link