Paying Cash! Need help with MakeBlock XY-plotter and App.

I am attempting to use Makeblock (orion) Uno to replace controls on an XY-plotter type machine. I am looking for someone to configure the Orion board, firmware and software so that it works with "Makeblock Plotter" android app.

I have been able (in my limited experience) install the app and communicate with BT. On the hardware side I can get a stepper to turn with sample program and that is about all.

I will paypal (in my opinion) a generous amount of cash for someone to get this to work consistently with the app. Will not hold you responsible for hardware related issues (motors etc). Get the stepper drives to work and I will take it from there.

May also use this person as consultant going forward ...... for a fee of course.
Need to know that you are the right person with this type of experience since I do not have a lot of time to go through the learning curve with you.
To avoid any miscommunication, primarily English please.

Drop me a line at:

Looking forward to your proposal and getting this done.