Paying gig, need assistance with Custom 3D printer Build

Looking for assistance with both hardware and software for a custom 3D printer build and laser control.

Recently purchased a SainSmart 3D printer kit: SainSmart | Desktop CNC, 3D Printing & DIY Tools | Power to the Makers –

This isn't a huge project but it will need someone with skills specific to Arduino Programming with a focus on 3D printing and simple laser control. Must be able to demonstrate expertise.

Can pay quickly via paypal.

Reach out to me ASAP if this is of interest.

The link doesn't work because the period at the end gets dropped by the parser. This one (in URL tags) should work:

SainSmart | Desktop CNC, 3D Printing & DIY Tools | Power to the Makers –

If you need help with hardware it is usually much better to find local help. What part of the world are you in?

I'm in the U.S. Pretty sure I have all the needed hardware, the only thing I'm not sure about is how to control power to a laser.

Laser power control is pretty straightforward - you either make/break the Ground connection (low side switch) or break the power connection (high side switch).
Which you select is often determined by the laser. How is it powered? How many volts? How much current?

Yeah, I have tried the "Mechanical" approach but since i'm using a laser diode and I need to turn it on and off very quickly, it's been recommended to use a solid state relay. (For etching images etc). I have a solid state relay on the way, may be here as early as today, but need some help setting up the firmware and figuring out how to connect the relay.

aaahhhhh I see that you're trying to make an SLS or SLA replica :wink:

Very interesting. I'll shoot you a PM with a follow-up but really interested in the project!