Paying, need a board that make picture and send via Sim Card GSM

As title, I need a board that mount a photo camera, that take a picture every X hours and send them to an FTP folder or similar, using Sim Card GSM Traffic.

So, the request may result simple, or hard.

I tried to make some searches, but I don't think I'll be able to realize somethink like that in few time, I should spent months for study the situation.

I started to study, I seen that I should familiarize with stuffs like ESP32CAM, SIM5216, OV7670, SIM SHIELD, but I'm, not an expert, so I would not be able to combine all in a final product.

Could someone help me in that? (Paying)

Thanks in advance.

  • Will this be indoors or outdoors?
  • How much camera resolution do you need?
  • How do you plan on powering it?

Hint: the simplest path forward is to use a phone!

  • Outdoors
  • IDK which options do I have, and which will be the price, I think a 1920 x 1080 could be enough
  • With a solar panel

Do you mean to use an android phone?
I thought it but I don't think that a phone can be a good shape for what I will going to do.
An electronic board could fit into a plastic custsom case, that could be placed easily an outdoor place.

I think that the hardware costs will be the least of this. An android phone has pretty much everything you need in one package with more software support, so the development will likely be much simpler.

Are you sure you can't find something like this off the shelf? Sounds like something a network camera and a cell modem could handle at much lower cost.

Alternately a Raspberry pi can do this easier than an arduino. For a very basic implementation it would probably only be a few hours, but not really "production ready."

Hei! You can read more here: How to Integrate InMobi SDK to Start Monetizing Your Android App

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