Paying- Need a sketch and code for a project


I am completely new to using Arduino and don't have the time to figure out coding for this project. I've found things that are similar and messed around with a few things but haven't been able to figure it out and don't have the time to really figure it all out. So I am needing some help with writing the sketch and creating a wiring diagram/schematic for the following project.

I will provide a description of the project as well as a list with links to the various components I have for this. I will also provide a link to a video of a similar project so you can get a better idea of what it will look like/what the functionality should be.

Here is a project description:

I've built a desk that contains a monitor lift/sled that moves my computer monitors up and down so that I can conceal them when I'm done using them. I want to be able to press a button and have the motors attached to the sled turn on to move the monitors up and down and then I'd also like a sound to play when the monitors move UP. A more detailed description of the steps I'm looking for:

With the first press of the button, the motors will turn on and the sled will begin moving up. The motors will shut off and remain in place once they come in contact with an upper proximity switch. When pressing the button this first time, a sound will also play from an SD module through a small speaker. The sound playing and the motors starting will happen simultaneously.

Once I hit the button a second time, the motors will start again in reverse, moving the sled back down. Once again, the motors will stop once the sled makes contact with a lower limit proximity switch.

Finally, the push button I purchased is an LED push button and I'd like the LED light to remain on at all times even when the motors are off.

Some more project notes:
I purchased a sabertooth dual 12A motor driver to control the motors. I purchased a large power supply that will be connected to the sabertooth but I would also like this to power the Ardunio as it has multiple connections. I will attach the link to the power supply I purchased below.

Link to a video showing what this will look like once it's completed: DIY Schreibtisch mit dualem Monitor Lift - Bauanleitung | Tips, Tricks & More - YouTube

Here is a list of the specific components I have already purchased for the project:

I'm new to using this forum when it comes to wanting to hire/pay someone so I will just start here and go from there.

Thanks in advance!

In the video is shows Arduino Nano. In my opinion, you don't even need a microcontroller, but let the more experienced ones have their say.

Agree. A couple of linear actuators and a DPDT switch will do this just fine. Maybe add in a WAV trigger to play the sound and call it good.

I do wish it was as easy as that but it’s not the look we are going for. My design is a bit different from the one in the video. The video was merely to show a general idea of the end result. So Unfortunately because of the size of my monitors and the clearance under the desk, linear actuators won’t work. I tried 5-6 different sizes and stroke lengths and because of the weight, size of the monitors and the monitor mounts and clearance under the desk, they don’t work.

I had to use two dc motors to lift the weight and because of the orientation of the motors they have to move in opposite directions. So one single dpdt switch doesn’t work.

At the moment I DO have it rigged up to work with two dpdt switches and a power strip but it isn’t the aesthetic we are going for.

So after a bunch of iterations and design attempts, using an arduino/microcontroller was the best way to get everything to work like we need it to.

It's pretty straightforward to do. What kind of sound do you want?

Right now I have an SD Module that plays Mp3 files and a small speaker. It is a short 7-10 second sound bite that I have a .wav and .mp3 file for.

I assume if I DID want to try and use just one DPDT switch I would just need to wire the motors to the switch with relays right? Then for the sound I'd just get a different sound module that also has the speaker attached or something.

Seems like a straight forward project in terms of coding. I think the hardest part is the sound generation, but if you have an MP3 sound module, then it becomes pretty easy.

As long as the switches can handle the current, you wouldn't need relays. You would connect the motor terminals in parallel (observing polarity based on desired direction) and wire them to the switch's common terminals.

Although it occurs to me that you would need to use a center-off switch for this to avoid needing a second switch to handle the power on/off.

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