Payment Kiosk

Im making a project "Payment Kiosk" which will use a Bill Acceptor, A Thermal Printer and a Data Logger (read/write). I want to know if my project is possible.

The sequence here is, from a client, the client would try to input his/her ID Number to retrieve his/her data. LCD will display his accounts and the client now will insert bills to the bill acceptor. After the bill acceptor successfully accepts the bills, I want the arduino to write the amount the client inserted in the bill acceptor and then a receipt will be printed out. The receipt has information on the amount the client has paid. Is this all possible?

I am very interested in learning arduino more. I have only learnt the basics of arduino but is tasked to do this thats why I ask for guidance.

Thank you very much for helping.

probably look at connecting the devices to an Arduino one at a time and making sure you can communicate and control them.
What type of interface are you considering to enable a user to control the system

I cant really get all the devices right away cuz a bill acceptor here is expensive. Thats one of the reasons I want to make sure I can make these devices interact with each other with the correct way of how I want them to function.

And for the interface, if the membrane keypad can be used, I would maybe consider the membrane keypad.
Are there any other keypad, like for example, has complete alphabet from a - z?

Without knowing specific part numbers there's no better answer possible than "probably you can make them work together".

Look for parts that have your fancy, type the part number with the keyword "arduino" in Google, and see what comes out. If they can work together there's a good chance there's a library for it, or otherwise some blog posts detailing how it would work together (though details may be off, blogs often contain errors).

And of course bill acceptors are expensive! What you expect? They have to read crumbled, dirtied, faded, upside-down, written-on, corners missing and slightly torn bills, and upon accepting the bill 100% of the time (99.99% is not good enough) read the correct value of the bill that was inserted, which is a major computing challenge.
Many currencies use different bill sizes for the different denominations, all of which have to be handled without failure, and invalid bills including pieces of other kinds of paper of odd sizes must be returned without jamming or (further) damaging the bill in question - a major mechanical challenge.
Knowing this, you may find that bill acceptor actually quite cheap. Now you also know why most vending machines don't have them. Coins are much easier to deal with.

I wonder if this project would be better suited to a Raspberry PI?


Check there aren’t any rules about taking money from persons in this way - it may require use of specific devices, recording methods and permissions .
If some puts a note in and nothing happens - what will you do ? How will you prevent theft ?

If you go ahead you should be able to get the information you need from the supplier

How will you prevent theft ?

Or maybe you have got that the wrong way round :slight_smile: