PC Ambience Lighting System... HELP!

This is my first time doing anything with Arduino, I’ve done java before, but never anything like this.

So I decided to tackle the PC Ambience Light Project posted here (Lifehacker made it seem so easy):

based on this blog:

I plugged everything in and, as far as I can tell, all my connections are correct.

My code looks like it is working. The Arduino code compiles and uploads without a problem and the Arduino itself shows that the upload is occurring. The processing code compiles, and runs. The little window the code creates changes color based on the average color of the screen.
I checked to make sure my power supply works, as well as my LED strip. The only think I can’t test is the LED Circuit Driver, but I don’t know a simple way to test that. Does anyone know a simple way to test the Circuit Driver? Is there anything else that could be wrong with this setup?
I know the code is from nearly 2 years ago, but it compiled fine. Would that make a difference?

Thanks for any help.

I cant really tell what you have going on there, and im not familiar enough with how it works, but I have read a similar product at adafruits site:

and it looks pretty similar, she hooks up a different string of LED lights, directly to the arduino.

Maybe you can incorporate her ideas and techniques to get yours working?

The best advice I can offer is to look over your circuitry again, see if everything is hooked up right, and make sure you have good connections.