PC based logic analysers

Just wanted to get the experts opinion on a USB type logic analyser like this ..http://www.hantek.com/en/ProductDetail_14.html

Are these effective to troubleshoot SPI or I2C bus signals ? What criteria to look out for in deciding the model ??

I don't know about that model.

I have a Saleae Logic 16 and am very happy with it, but a logic 8 would probably be okay for 99% of the time. http://support.saleae.com



The main thing to look at are the sample rate and the buffer memory. Also look at if that rate is for a single channel or for many. You can make an instrument look better if you only take in a byte at a certain rate but quote it as a bit rate eight times higher. It is a correct description but misleading.

Looking at the link, it has been written by some one with English as not their first language.

Saleae 8 is very good, I used mine to get large blast of data going on SPI bus at 8 MHz (max speed for 16 MHz clocked AVR), and to determine that millis() or micros() interrupts was disturbing my fast data blast (so I turned off interrupts). Decodes the data as it goes out so you review it and make sure what you are sending is making it out.

That one specifies Windows OS: WinXP/2000/Win7 which are all quite old now. I see quite a lot of similar Hantek stuff on Ebay. You can't assume that these will work under Windows 10 if these have exotic/unsigned drivers etc. If in doubt, check.

Thanks a lot to one and all who responded. And I could see the saleae.com LA a good starting point. More than anything I liked the young team behind this and their message " Its more fun to be a pirate than joining the navy " lifted from Steve !

Its clear as to what to expect from a LA after reading all your responses.


I have a Hantek oscilloscope/logic analyser, but not the model you linked to.

For the money, the hardware is good, but it is badly let down by the software.

For example, when used as an oscilloscope, the trigger point is way off to the left of the screen, and you have to spend ages scrolling to find it (if you ever do).

When used as a logic analyser things get worse - there is no facility to trigger from any of the displayed signals. You just press go and get a display of whatever happened sometime after that instant.

I liked this video.