pc components to program an atmega328 chip

hello! I want to know what pc components( I have a lot of old pc´s) can I use to program an atmega 328 chip. ONLY THE CHIP. Im building my own arduino and I dont want to buy an expensive usb to ftdi conversor to program it. Or if you know another cheap way to do it tell me please. Thanks for read and comment :slight_smile:

Unless you can find a serial adapter that you can interface with a computer that runs the IDE, AND that serial adapter breaks out the DTR pin, I'd say there's just about nothing of use in there.

I use the $1.50 CH340G based USB serial adapters - but they don't break out the DTR pin, so you have to find the right pin on the chip and solder a wire to it.

Really, i'd just get an FTDI adapter. They're really not that expensive.

Make sure you have bootloader chips, they are hard to program via serial port otherwise:

I buy these all the time for projects

An old PC with actual hardware serial or parallel ports (and probably WXP or older, or linux) should be able to program AVRs using one of those and a little bit of additional hardware:
PonyProg AVR Parallel Port Programmer
AVR Serial Port Programmer
I think these are both supported by AVRDude.

However, you'd be better off with one of the Chinese $5 USB USBASP programmers.
Sample eBay USBASP Seller

(note that there are also "many" USB/Serial adapters in the < $5 range, most of which should work fine for normal uploading of sketches to an Arduino (AFTER you've burned the bootloader.) I think that some of the USBASP programmers will do both.)