PC Doesn't recognize Arduino (No COM Ports)

Hello, I'm completely lost right now, I've read multiple tutorials and other topics but couldn't find my problem. I bought an ATmega32U4 5V/16MHz for Leonardo from Aliexpress and a Micro USB to USB so I could plug it into my PC (Win 10, 64 bit) The problem is that after plugging it into my usb port, the computer doesn't recognize the device. Nothing appears in the Device Manager (not even in Others, I even have the Show hidden devices option selected), neither does the usb connection sound play, but the green Led lights up. I have reinstalled the Arduino software multiple times, restarted the computer, tried different USB ports but nothing helped and for whatever reason it neither works on different PC with Win7 on it. The cable is working, I've tried recharging my phone with it and it worked fine. I highly doubt the device itself is not working, nothing like this hasn't happened to any of the other 1400 people who bought it from the same seller, but it could be possible. I'd really appreciate if anyone could help me solve this. Thank you

What do the folks as Aliexpress have to say? Maybe a driver is missing? Maybe the 32U4 isn't bootloaded?

There are TWO types of micro USB cable.

One is for charging ONLY and the other is both charge AND data. You need the one that does BOTH.

Without it you are almost dead in the water.

Try a few more cables until you get one that lets you see something at least in device manager.

Once you are that far you may also want to google CH340 as most of the aliexpress Arduinos use drivers that are NOT included in the IDE

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Thank both of you guys, I've tried an another micro USB to USB cable and I can confirm that the second solution worked for me. I had no idea that there were those 2 different types. Now I have to figure out how to run the code on different PC other than the main one where I have the Arduino software installed on different computers it doesn't recognize the device. But thanks

You are probably looking at a driver issue but DONT use USB 3.0 ports unless you know they work with other Arduinos.

Ballsscrew You have been elevated to genius status in my book. Different cable and all works well.

@ MagicPaddler

Hardly...many more around here have much more to offer than I do.

I used my Arduino yun board, even add com port from device manager -- add legacy hardware to add new COM port, PC still doesn't recognize Arduino.(Auduino yun the software for this device is now installed, but may not work correctly.) I tried more micro USB cable. issue still existed.

Arduino IDE: 1.8.10 OS: win 10

How to fix the issue?Thanks!


You may want to roll back to 1.8.9 as multiple issues have been reported with 1.8.10.

You may also want to check what type of USB ports you are using as USB 3.0 has caused issues for some users.
Quick fix if that is your issue is to insert a powered USB 2.0 hub between the computer and the Arduino.

The only simple way to check micro USB cables is to use them for something else such as a mobile phone to make sure they are capable of data transmission and not just charge only.
Other USB devices capable of data are also worth trying.