pc file to 8mbit serial eeprom

I have an 8mbit serial eeprom, its an old mb bios one, if i have a huge file of data i want to store in it, and that file is ready on pc, how do i get it 'in'

I bought a usb asp thinking that would work, i also have a 2560 board, and a few 328's, what i dont have is windows software for the asp or do i really need to write a sketch to do this?

part number for the memory chip? or better - datasheet?

Sorry for the late reply i had not seen it as i had lost all hope of ever booting my pc and seeing my data again :slight_smile:
(hdd's were in raid 5, so just plugging them in another different board wont work)

it a mx25l800, and its in an older board that has a known issue of corrupting its bios, its the third time, but the first two were under warranty fixes, and they unsoldered it and soldered what looks like 5 of the 8 pins.

i simply removed it form the board and have attached flyleads to it..


to a simple person like me it looks like spi, I guess i can hold the data from the ascii file in a byte array with progmem as theres space for that, and then push each byte into the chip??

or am I looking at it too simple