PC lcd brightness controll

hello. i was wandering, how i could controll my desktop LCD brightness with the arduino board... my monitors panel, has 5 buttons and one led, wich are connected with the lcd controller via 6 cables.. anyone could give me a guideline how would i do this? i dont neccecery have to do it with PWM. even if i could make the arduino Simulate the button presses required, that would be ok(from 5 buttons, one is for brightness up and one for down)

  1. 6 lines probably means 1 for each button pluc a VCC or GND. Figure out which wires affect the brightness and which one is the VCC/GND.
  2. Measure the voltage/current that goes across/through the button.
  3. Buy the appropriate transistor/relay/optocoupler that will allow you to simulate a button press.

and what about the led? if the 5 wires where for the buttons, and one for GND, then how is the led controlled?

settra: then how is the led controlled?

No idea, I don't have the same LCD monitor as you.

ok cool. thanks anyway ;) since the buttons dont send any PWM or anything, i think i will just remove them and add relays in their place, that will be controlled by arduino ;)